Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Map

Sri Lanka is an island nation with a rich cultural heritage and a written history of over 2500 years. Nestled below the Southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is home to 21 million multi-ethnic and multi-religious people.

Sri Lanka has a pleasant tropical climate and the average temperature of the low lands ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius. Sri Lanka is known as a global biodiversity hotspot for its high number of species in a relatively limited area.

The island is also home to 3,210 flowering plant species, of which 916 species are endemic. Overall, about 27 percent of the country's plants and 22 percent of its amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles are endemic.

The island is still largely untouched and unchanged by mass Western tourism, but the word is getting out. New York Times and Fox News named Sri Lanka the number-one place to visit. The National Geographic Channel in an exclusive report also categorized Sri Lanka as one of best places to visit.